Jake and Lindsey had the dreamiest and most romantic experience at their sunrise Lake Tahoe engagement photoshoot.

A lot of couples opt for sunset photos which is usually easier and more convenient. But sunrises possess a unique charm, as they symbolize the birth of a new day. And for couples, the start of a lifetime of togetherness. The soft, golden light of dawn provides a warm and intimate ambiance that is perfect for capturing the love shared between two people. The quietude of the early morning hours offers couples a sense of privacy and the chance to bask in the warmth of the rising sun. This creates a setting ripe for heartfelt moments and beautiful photos.

Selecting the Perfect Location

Lake Tahoe boasts an abundance of stunning locations, each with its own unique appeal. For a sunrise engagement photo shoot, I would recommend:

  1. Emerald Bay: Famous for its turquoise waters and stunning Fannette Island. This location is a picture-perfect spot for your engagement photos. As the sun rises behind the mountains, you’ll be bathed in soft, warm light.
  2. Sand Harbor: This beach features beautiful white sand and crystal-clear water, making it a romantic and serene location for your photoshoot. The water’s edge and rocky outcrops provide dynamic settings for a variety of shots.
  3. Vikingsholm Castle: Located at Emerald Bay, this Scandinavian-style castle offers a fairytale backdrop. The architecture, combined with the lake’s beauty, makes for a dreamy scene.
  4. Zephyr Cove: With its tranquil shores and iconic pier, Zephyr Cove is another wonderful location to capture the essence of your love story against the backdrop of Lake Tahoe.

If you’re ready to set your alarms at the ass crack of dawn and meet me somewhere for your sunrise Lake Tahoe engagement photoshoot… I’m just an email away!


Sunrise Lake Tahoe Engagement Photoshoot

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